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Communication apps?

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Communication apps? Empty Communication apps?

Post  galadriel on Thu Apr 03, 2014 7:07 pm

I use line and it has a couple different channels.
1) WT channel (max 90-100 of us)
2) Open mw chat (30 of us, small)

Line, it's tough, you can't ban people from channels, there's no moderation, unfortunately.

I've heard of cubie, I just got it, looking for open mw channels to join but can't seem to find any.
Cubie ID, a102269

line id, mwgaladriel.

My team is studying 320+ dungeons as to when they spawn. A lot of research being done and compilled, and it's starting to come together rather well!
I've also got a punchbag, tablet, I can run a couple times a day to help with lvling exp.

smartphone friendly, otherwise on my pc, I like checking the forums here =)

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Skell Soldier

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