I need your bosses to pay my bills.... :)

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I need your bosses to pay my bills.... :)

Post  (GCF) Batman on Fri May 03, 2013 12:35 am

I only want the bosses, I just need the money to make sure I can be attacked by low and high levels and still be ready when needed such as world boss leveling that is always useable and not waiting for it to appear in the bounty list. I waited once for almost 6 hours for a bounty I could actually win on when I was lower levels and lost it anyway. I could bank all the money and if someone low level needs it to progress or say heal from a bully that always targets them when they are offline and takes almost all the money daily, I could let my health drop to below minimal to attack then message them when its 5 seconds from being ready so they have me hit and then I heal and let them go to town till they are under minimal hahaha Its slot better when its private I think you have to share with everyone who just wants to cheap shot to look stronger without worrying about it happening back to them. SO ADD ME *****SUMMON A BOSS AND WATCH MY AMAZINGLY PATHETIC ATTACKS LIGHT UP THE SCORES SO SLOWLY IT SEEMS POINTLESS******** LOL BUT I DONT MIND BEING A TURTLE AS I GOT NO RUSH TO BUILD POWER, just need to be rich enough for the medical bills as they grow well beyond the income of a patient no money spent or hack using honest UnSuper Super Hero. I got Batman to watch over me as I help you grow until you hit the Jr Big Leagues and can do it to someone else.
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