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Curiosity of a Newbie

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Curiosity of a Newbie Empty Curiosity of a Newbie

Post  melf_tr on Sun Oct 19, 2014 10:00 am

hi there;

i am starting to play this game 3 weeks ago by advice of my friend. Somehow i begin to understand the dynamics of the game slowly, yet i need to learn much much more. i have some questions if someone nice enough to answer them patiently:

a) how can i learn which server i am playing? (yea, newbie...)

b) it seems that the game is going on step by step for fair gamers. join the event, get some strong monsters, collect gems, get level up, gain more stronger monsters etc... but as i bought jewels and could get some elders and i am trying to collect arena points to have an outer+ at my current level 63, i see some players have 2 or 4 infinite monsters even at level 25-30. dont say me "they bought gems so they can get infinities" pls. as this event of increased reward giving for wb, for infinite monsters people should do 25k+ attacks. for lvl 30 player that means nearly 4800+ gems, say he collect some like 1k gems, need 3800 gems more and it costs nearly $240...

it is an example, i am monitoring a player named Resuer for 1 week, on every day's wb he makes 60k attacks equal to 12000 gems and $750, five wb's $3750 and he is also number one at arena brawls etc... so for such people i have 3 guesses: 1-cheating 2- game staff 3- ultra rich??

so what is the trick? how can a fair player have some powerful monsters like infinite? lucky egg?


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Curiosity of a Newbie Empty Re: Curiosity of a Newbie

Post  Bane on Mon Jan 26, 2015 2:18 pm

1) on main screen

2) resuer is ultra rich or knows staff members, there is no cheats for mw

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