Hello monster fanatics!

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Hello monster fanatics!

Post  (ANMF) r3knR on Tue May 14, 2013 6:12 am

Hello peeps,

My name is Kenny and I'm from socal - writing this during the first heat wave of many to come this summer. I have been playing the game pretty seriously for around month and half (login at least few times a day daily). I play on the global server and am part of a small clan but we are pretty tight knit (i used to play in huge top 100 guilds in WOW - and I found i prefer small groups better because you get to know people and it doesn't feel like a job that if you call in sick the repercussions are worse than irl lol). This game is very addictive and simple with a level of complexity that keeps it interesting. Im looking forward to getting to the upper tier of players as i learn more and more. Here are my stats as of now;

Main character : (ANMF) r3knR - 6193765086
Attack is 506k (this fluctuates depending on my mood but im controlling my combination addiction and gaining attack steadily - should not take long to hit a million.
Energy - 156
Stam - 132
I have primarily been keeping my points in these two with a couple thrown randomly elsewhere. I think I will be doing stam primarily for a while now.
I have Thor and druid as my two gods which are my highest level. I lost many ancients, chaos and ultimate to get them. They were not my gods of choice and they were basically my last efforts in that run of combining. I am happy with them. I figure i probably would be at around 800k had i not gone for them but oh well.
Have over 1k allies.
The game could use some improvement but is very solid overall. Issues I would like addressed or things introduced :
- better communication system
-a clan tab
-a search tool within each tab
-not sure but scaling between players and bosses seems way off when players are at the top... 270 level boss going down in 30 seconds (primarily from 1 attacker) seems wrong.
-maybe introduce bonuses and penalties based on the element system already being used

I have tons of ideas and i really get into things like this when I play (that's why I was so good at WOW). This turned into a wall o' text... Anyway, add me in game. Hope to talk to some of you about this game soon. ^_^

-R3k0n3r (aka faust, aka kenny)
(ANMF) r3knR

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Re: Hello monster fanatics!

Post  HD ❤ Fine on Tue May 14, 2013 7:14 am


welcome to the forum. hv fun~
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