Hello I'm new/noob. Lotsa questions =)

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Hello I'm new/noob. Lotsa questions =)

Post  galadriel on Tue May 07, 2013 7:16 pm

Hello and greetings to you,

First of all, add me up, I'm active, lvl21 at the moment, 617 964 9969

Second, I will be as active as possible, this is fun so far, I was a big fan of pokemon :/

Now the questions.... I wanna be the best player I can be, rocketing to the top, and there's one way, or few ways to do this. One, it takes time, Two, It takes a smart mind, with the willingness to learn, which I am highly interested in learning yep.


What good are many alliances? I got 20 so far, but what's good to have 40? 200? 2000?

Every level, I've heard it's best to put into Energy and Stamina. Someone have a rough guideline as to what to put points into til lvl200? I am a fighter atm. I'm not going to spend real money on this game at all, but what do I spend crystal shards points on? Where do I get them?

Whenever I login, what should I do? I use up all my energy on quests, and stamina on battles.
Grassland is all 0% rank 2. I finished all rank1 for it. Eastern seaside I just finished rank1, rank 2 I've maxed Investigate Storm Cliff (2nd to last), it's my favourite atm cause the 560g-1680g/7exp for 7 energy, my money maker. I've just started Western rockface questline but the new monsters are super expensive, good payout though! =)

As for the battles, whenever there's a boss, I try to get atleast 1 hit on them so I can get the crystal shard point in the end.
The rest of my battles are in Rivals, search match opponent. I used to win these lots, and now I'm being defeated all the time. I never scout. I always just hit the top ones. Any opponent that scores over 800g, I re-attack. It's important to spend this gold quite fast as they might retaliate pretty fast and I don't like being leeched on. If my health drops too low, they won't be able to attack me also. Curing has gotten more expensive over time, so instead of keeping 1k in bank, I'm keeping around 5k-10k now.

What should I spend money/gold on? I keep buying the new monsters I need for each quests. My leftovers I was buying buildings, 2516g income, 2396g net atm.

I made a mistake and put lots of points into attack/defense in the beginning, 40/16 atk/def atm, 200health, 41 energy, 20 stamina atm, lvl21. 202 quests comp, 233 battle win, 140 battle loss.

Recommendations, suggestions, tips, flames, all welcome.

Thanks a ton,

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