Question again ( sorry for being troublesome :3 )

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Question again ( sorry for being troublesome :3 )

Post  puremage111 on Wed Feb 12, 2014 3:32 am

Due to my previous post, i was advice to reset my account.

the account contain 64 gem rightnow. So i have few question to ask.

1)after i reset my gems will remain but other thing will be erase?

2) If my gem is save, would it be better to buy the skill point or eggs?

3) I seen alot of articles base on account build, so if i go for pure stamina build at first, should i pick up ranger or fighter? because i have seen that people advice to go for ranger as energy regenerate faster and it would provide good amount of exp.

4) Account transfering -
Upload Data - After i upload my data, would it dissapear if i din't download back the data for some moment?


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Re: Question again ( sorry for being troublesome :3 )

Post  alexchew_2020 on Wed Feb 12, 2014 8:26 am

1. reset acc, all jewel will remain.
2. save it for stm first/save it for special combine
3. always fighter. and remain low level as posibble.
- alots of guide. some are not suitable due to release of dungeon.
- low lvl complete ur achievement first. (lvl 10 with 51stm)
4. have't tested.


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Re: Question again ( sorry for being troublesome :3 )

Post  HD ❤ Azn on Wed Feb 12, 2014 2:41 pm

1) yup you get to keep your jewels that you currently have on your account, but all your stats/monsters will be reset. even if you have spent jewels on SP already on your current account, theres no way to get those jewels/SP back when you reset

2) SP is greater than anything else in the game, trust me. only special combine when you get to U-Gods and higher as the stats greatly increase from there on out. and don't even bother wasting your jewels on eggs lol Razz

3) pick fighter class and put all your SP towards stamina at first. reason being, if you choose ranger class...later on youll eventually change it to fighter class because energy has no real purpose in this game except for farming monsters/finding dungeons really. you can use stamina to hit PBs to get more XP rather than questing for XP, as you average around 3XP per 1 stamina instead of 1XP per 1 energy. to sum it up, save 30 jewels and pick fighter from the jump Smile

4) not really sure as all of my transfers have been instant, I switched them right away without waiting. the transfer process is actually very fast, still not sure how many days you must wait before you can transfer again. Ive heard as low as 2 days all the way up to 2 weeks
HD ❤ Azn

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Re: Question again ( sorry for being troublesome :3 )

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