Outlaw here!

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Outlaw here!

Post  OMATyranny on Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:29 am

hey guys i'm really new to the game, currently i'm level 23, i live in a pretty boring place and go to college everyday so most of my evenings consist of playing xbox and checking up on my phone (monster warlord), so i dont think i need to tell you guys that i'm active 95% of my free time.

i've played games LIKE this before and have been in clans in almost all of them , and i just like the feeling of having someone to talk to and talk about the game with seeing as any friends i personally know in my life either dont have phones or just dont want to play the game.. which leaves me pretty alone while playing, i know how to play cooperatively and respectfully, i know 23 is kind of a low level but it is hard when you're being spammed down to 19 health every 10 minutes and have nobody who's actually good at the game to give pointers and advice. but enough ranting, my code is 219 307 3886 .. add me if you want Smile

PS. i've been playing the game for about 3 days but the first day and a half i messed my account up and made a new one.. so technically i guess i have a day and half worth of playtime on this account


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Re: Outlaw here!

Post  [EVO]BigRob on Thu Mar 07, 2013 1:15 am

Welcome outlaw! We are here to help. Look at our strategy page which will definitely help you. Message me in game or on my palringo, groups search bigrob.

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