All outer plus on mini wb

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All outer plus on mini wb

Post  Bane on Wed Dec 04, 2013 10:44 am

If you look the damage rank for top 200 on mini wb, you will notice just how many low lvls (lvl 4-80) who have Outer plus monsters. There is no way in hell they could got those by farming and combining, my only guess is they got them from fortune eggs, since they have no other outer in their squad.

That's what I call bullshit luck, so many low lvls with outer plus who got it from the egg, and some other gotta fight your balls off or pay your wallet to get one.

I think i saw atleast 10 people that is below lvl 80 who had water plus outer or dark or fire or air. :/ not counting holy or earth.

List of ppl with outers+ below lvl 80: (From latest mini wb)
(HGW) Greed - Level 56 - Outer+ water - Rank 7
MVP - Level 65 - Plus monster not sure if outer, but high tier non the least - Rank 13
[TDR] Mila - Level 13 - Plus monsters - Rank 32 (Level 13 with Outer Hades, Elder polaris, and more!)
pingvinen - Level 82 - Elder+ dark uber baal - Rank 72
Stayhigh420 - Level 24 - Elder+ dark uber baal - Rank 86
[€$]Shakila - Level 57 - Elder+ fire - Rank 87
shto - Level 67 - Outer+ water - Rank 104
Link - Level 71 - Elder+ water - Rank 131
Secretly - Level 47 - Supreme+ air - Rank 164

I've seen more some other days, with even more outer+ water and even also other outers as outer+ dark or outer+ air. Most of these guys are also rangers or tycoons which shows them or more or less newbies into the game too.

mod lock this .

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