How many WB per month on avg?

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How many WB per month on avg?

Post  galadriel on Sun Sep 01, 2013 6:25 pm

I'm guessing that we are all guessing here, but no one has exact figures how many WBs their were during each of the last 2-3 months? each week?

Say you make top10% for dmg and attacks for every wb. = 40 jewels.

40 jewels * 20 wb/month = 800 jewels per month

2400 jewels after 3 months.

reset to level 1, invest all into 4stat/50jewel to stamina.

48*4=200~ stat points = 100 stamina.

You'd start lvl3 with 105 stamina.

I think it's easy to get to level 15-20 on first WB, so we'll say 15 lvls * 105 hits = 1500 hits, wonder if that gets you top 200?

I wonder what kind of dungeon team you can get by lvl50 or lvl80 :/ It'd be hard to level during WB after lvl30 indeed. Either you log in every 10-20 mins to spend energy, otherwise start doing rival battles to lvl.

I bet alvin saved up 15,000 jewels before resetting. Imagine if you were making top 50 every wb, how many jewels you could save!

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Re: How many WB per month on avg?

Post  [ßÅ] Skezy on Sun Sep 01, 2013 6:43 pm

Read my journal thread 2400 would give you good start but not a 'dungeon farming quality start, would get you maybe 50pct atk without lvling. 1500 would not sniff too 200, only top 10pct. I started over a month ago with almost 5k. and another 8k around 50 and I can hang at the 50 and get s rank 70% of the time in the 100.

Alvin has 5k+ stam so over 120k jewels were spent, atleast... Mayne 150k

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Re: How many WB per month on avg?

Post  Prevent on Mon Sep 02, 2013 10:05 pm

on average if I hit both 1-80, and main WB I get 65-70 jewels a day, 40 from 80 wb and 25 from main. I t would be better if i was able to reach 20% attacks on on main.

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Re: How many WB per month on avg?

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