Trouble leveling up for wb at lvl 150+ ?

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Trouble leveling up for wb at lvl 150+ ?

Post  Darksaphira on Sat Jun 29, 2013 8:38 am

So I noticed that The needed Exp to lvl up becomes significantly higher reaching lvl 149-150+ so i wanted to ask how to deal with this the best way?

I will explain what I mean:

I used to level up during every world boss to get a higher amount of attacks in and get the amount of attacks I need to get to Top 10%. Now I noticed this will be very hard since the exp to lvl up is like doubled.

I have 150 Energy and it was enough to lvl up every day for the world boss.

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Re: Trouble leveling up for wb at lvl 150+ ?

Post  [Ace] Gh0st on Sat Jun 29, 2013 1:09 pm

After reaching level 150, it becomes really hard to level up through questing alone. You have a couple of choices:

1) When wb is not up, use your stamina to hit punching bags for extra XP (1-5 XP per 1 stamina). Often times, there's at least one PB on bounty which makes them a bit easier to find. Combined with questing, you should be able to get enough XP to level during each wb.

2) Don't try to level every wb. If you know you can't level in time, then just go for top 20% attack instead. Don't use stamina on wb unless you know that stamina can help you attain better ranks on wb.

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