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Post  Keelow on Thu Jun 27, 2013 8:43 am

Hi my name's Keelow, and pls no jokes like KeeLOW Very Happy

Greets from germany, where the "Oktoberfest" takes place Basketball
I turned 18 in April. Finished school already and got no job at the moment, since i got fired pale
Im playing MW for almost a year and i know the "legend" (maybe hacker idk) TheM00nRules.
I never spent money on MW, because i want the challenge Cool With currently 800 allys i try to help them as much as i can.
Besides Mobilegames, im playing much PC-games e.g. steam and photoshop is maybe my most used program.
I dont know what else to say, if you got questions, ask them i wont bite... i swallow the piece Smile And sry if my grammar isnt the best lol!

EDIT: Damn forgot the AC xD here it is: 635 9272 980

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