My account gone,started at 4 lvl.Now i need learn dungeon rewards.And need strategy

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My account gone,started at 4 lvl.Now i need learn dungeon rewards.And need strategy

Post  HellSlayer on Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:28 am

i was 152 lvl ,165 stamina 260 energy 
and in this forum someone must remember me,i wrote my strategy here i was use fighter strategy.
i did first s god at 120 lvl memphisto
after,on combine event i did second s god giant king kong,and 7 gods more
tried combine ultimates for get thor (god ) when failed i combined my all gods when combine rate is %40
i got 2 s gods more water and hell phoenix
after 3 4 hours i tried combine water and hell phoenix for get ss god baal but failed Evil or Very Mad
anyway i lost 400k + attack on combines my attack dropped to 530k but i was 151 lvl and i never think reset my acc.
After update (dungeon) i opened game and updated from google play.And i saw my asia server account still same 161 lvl have memphisto and 500k attack everything is okey.
Korea server okey.But account 4 lvl.i supprissed.

Now i wanna back my acc,but how? there is no support link on game ,no contact link for gamevil.This bullshit.What i must to do now?? i lost my all labor ,i lost 3 month labour.

if i can take my acc back,please help me.if i cant i wanna do new acc but i think i never can play this game old style ,i cant join wb and i can only do quests for level.

So i did 18 lvl and have hydra now.16k attack..poffff
Now i need learn dungeon rewards i did %0.4 damage on walkyre its gave rare monster hahaha crap.
i think 100 lvl phobos can give ancient or chaos but still not enough.

Anyway ,should i must create pure ranger or fighter again? 
pure ranger = just doing quests,farm ancients,you can look only 2 3 times to game in per day.And after 170 lvl gains attack too much,more items, but disadvantages

i cant join dungeons because dungeons need good monster,s god ss god ultra god etc.i can collect 1000 ancients but not effective on dungeons.

Pure fighter=more ultimate+chaos,guarantee 4 chaos per day,more exp more money more effective at dungeons.more jewels
But disadvantages.
Cant farm ancients maybe after 160 lvl,10 15 in per day.
i need allow more time to game 
i must do slow level for ultimates and this makes your level very low,you can do 201 lvl in 4 5 months maybe but with slow level,its too hard.
Dungeons rewards looking bad.
low items and quests finish very slow.

So i need strategy,sory for my bad english.And i think i need first be 301 lvl for buy ssgods.

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Re: My account gone,started at 4 lvl.Now i need learn dungeon rewards.And need strategy

Post  Bane on Fri Jun 21, 2013 1:21 pm

Get ur account back.

Contact gamevil @


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